Save Water, Save Nature

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Water is a recycled resource that begins with rain and goes through an obstacle course that eventually ends in evaporation – or storage in underground aquifers and above ground surface water lakes and oceans.  One important cycle is the trickling of rain water through the earth surface that cleans the rain water by filtration along with absorbing and dissolving minerals.  These naturally occurring minerals are helpful to the overall stabilization of the water.  And mineral water from underground wells are considered by many as the healthiest type of drinking water since these minerals are more easily and better absorbed for humans than from food or supplements.  

However as we all know due to human intervention since last few decades this chain has been broken and in turn taking off the entire life from the face of this planet. 

We may not be able to change the whole world and bring all the green cover back immediately. But what have we done from our part is the big question?

We don’t know if Environmental education will be added in all the syllabus and in the courses. But HOME IS THE FIRST EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION for every child and PARENTS are the greatest inspiration. So be the change and teach your children the ways to save nature.

Few things we must do:-

  1. We may not be able to stop chopping of trees for commercial purpose, but we can start planting a tree on our Special day like Birthday, Anniversary etc. If each of us plants one little tree, it can amount to a great amount of afforestation making the environment healthier.
  2. Preventing the wastage of water and curbing water pollution is one of our primary duties. Turn off the taps; do not let the buckets overflow!
  3. The use of bath showers and heavy-flushes in toilets leads to an excessive usage of water. So make sure we use it responsibly and check your taps and plumbing line for leakages.
  4. Most importantly do not dump garbage down a storm drain. Do not pollute water bodies.
  5. Avoid an extensive use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic nutrients. Natural manures are a better option for farms and gardens.
  6. When it rains, oil, detergents, pesticides and other pollutants get washed from driveways, backyards, parking lots, businesses, construction sites, industrial plants and streets into storm drains and then directly to our streams and wetlands untreated! Please ensure that your building has RAINWATER HARVESTING UNIT set up.

In the past era people were completely depended on the nature, they utilized the nature and fulfilled their requirements without any damage to nature. With the development of technology in modern life, we just started  caring for grey buildings and ignoring the green, thus damaging to nature.

Please don’t just read this page and continue with your normal life. Take atleast one step and SAVE YOUR CHILD.




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